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As Transorient Group providing effective solutions in the logistics sector since 1961, we present with our expert teams in the group solutions specific to products and customers to the Health and Medicine Sector for which we began to serve in 2008 and where temperature and time sensitivity are at the highest level.

We follow all national and international legislation in practice in the health sector, and we shape and improve our business processes within the framework of this legislation.

We start all our business processes to understand the needs of our customers correctly and accordingly we first listen to the demands of our customers and business partners.

After understanding their needs correctly, we provide them solutions suitable for the product with competitive prices.

While carrying out these processes, we also improve and educate ourselves in this respect continuously. We aim to improve the standards and the quality of the entire supply chain by sharing all this knowledge we have gained for the health sector with our stakeholders in Transorient Academy.

Our main services to the Health Sector are:

  • Clinical Research and Biological Product Logistics
  • Distribution of Time and Temperature Sensitive Drugs and Medical Equipment
  • Collection of Biological Products and Samples, Delivery to Laboratories Abroad
  • Supply of Dry Ice
  • Supply of Active and Passive Shipping Containers
  • Management of Import License Processes

Distribution and Storage Services

  • Door to Door Transports within 24 – 48 Hours
  • Deliveries with Temperature Controlled Vehicles Across Turkey
  • Supply of Package Compliant with IATA standards
  • GMP Certified Storage
    • +2/+8°C
    • +15/+25°C
    • -20°C
  • Secondary Packaging
  • Order Management
  • Direct Deliveries to Patients’ Houses
  • Accompanied Transfer

Customs Clearance Services

  • Fast Shipping
  • Tracking of Customs Clearance
  • Consultancy on Legal Permits and Documentation