Quality Policies

Anasayfa Quality Policies

TS EN ISO 9001 Quality Policy

  • Meeting customer needs with a systematic, traceable and measurable services and keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level
  • Increasing the efficiency of our processes with the participation of all our employees by complying with the conditions of the Quality Management System and by continuously improving its efficiency.
  • Providing a sustainable services with our innovative and solution-oriented approach at all stage of the supply chain
  • Complying with the laws and regulatory rules which are affecting our services

TS ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Policy

  • Forming effective communication channels to meet customer needs and respond quickly
  • Responding, analyzing, evaluating and finalizing all positive or negative feedback accordance with international transportation rules, their own internal legal regulations and company procedures,
  • Implementing the customer complaints processes with continuous improvement, transparency, accessibility and confidentiality principles
  • Improving and developing the work processes according to customer needs and requirements
  • Establishing long term relationship with customers